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For The Adventure Seekers: Zip Line Adventures Await!

The Zip Line Course at Logos Land Resort is ready to provide you with the thrill of a lifetime! The Zip Line Circuit consists of 3 Zips totalling 3,100 feet over Astrolabe Lake. The first Zip Line is 658 feet, the second 1125 feet, and the last 1315 feet. The complete circuit takes approximately an hour to complete.

Guests staying on site get discounted admission to the waterpark, zip line, and golf course. 

2023 Zip Line Pricing

(includes General Park Admission)
1st Complete Circuit: Day Guest $40.00
1st Complete Circuit: Overnight or Family First Guest $32.00
Additional Circuit (same guest, same day) $25.00

Taxes not included in above noted pricing. and pricing is subject to change without notice. All pricing is per person unless otherwise noted.

2023 Hours of Operation

Open daily from 10:30am until 5:00pm.

Open from June 17 to Sept 1

Flights occur at regular intervals throughout the day. There are capacity limits for our Zip Line flights. Flights are offered on a first come first serve basis. 

Hours are subject to change without notice.

Zip Line Map

The first leg of our Zip Line adventure is 630 feet and starts right next to our Waterpark . The second leg is 1,124 feet long. The 3rd & most exhilarating leg in our Zip Line adventure provides a spectacular view of the park as you wisk 1,332 feet (MORE THAN 1/4 MILE!) to finish the course just a few feet from where you started.

Logos Land Zip Line Adventure

Rules of Use for Whitewater Zip Line

Rules of Use for Whitewater Zip Line

  1. Zip Line Guides and staff must be obeyed at all times. Your safety is important to us and the Guides are responsible for the safety of all of our guests.
  2. Wristbands are issued to all paid Zip Line guests and must be worn for the duration of your ride. Failure to comply with the safety regulations, endangering self or others, may result in the removal of the band and denial of activities.
  3. Pregnant Women are NOT allowed on the Zip Lines.
  4. Heart Patients are NOT allowed on Zip Lines.
  5. Waiver/Risk Assumption must be completed prior to access to Zip Lines.
  6. Minimum weight is 75 pounds and Maximum weight is 250 pounds.
  7. Minimum Age is 9.
  8. Minimum rider height is 42 inches. Maximum rider height is 7 feet.
  9. Only White Water Zip Line equipment is permitted on the course.
  10. Closed toe footwear required – no flip flops or bare feet.
  11. Harnesses must remain snug at all times.
  12. Earrings and naval piercing objects should be removed.
  13. Riders must not carry anything that may fall on boaters below.
  14. If zip lines are closed for an extended period then vouchers will be issued
  15. No participation is permitted while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  16. Unsafe behaviour, horseplay, rowdiness not permitted.
  17. All riders must satisfactorily complete the practice zip line course.
  18. No smoking is permitted anywhere along the Zip Line adventure course.
  19. Patrons may leave the course on foot – no refunds or vouchers will be issued.
  20. Long hair must be tied or fastened under helmet

Zip Line Waiver Form

All zip line guests must review, agree to and complete the waiver form.



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