So What is a Resort Cottage?

While built on a traditional trailer platform to a CSAZ241 standard, a Resort Cottage, also known as a ‘Park Model,’ has the look and feel of a modern cottage. Resort Cottages are typically between 400-700 square feet and they feature an outside decking. Resort Cottages are not residential and are only designed to be used for Spring, Summer and Fall, typically May to October. Unlike a traditional cottage, a Resort Cottage is designed with simplicity in mind — very little maintenance is required other than winterizing, which we can take care of.

What does a Resort Cottage cost?

Wherever possible we like to have a range of Resort Cottages available from the mid $80k’s and some larger, more luxurious models will cost upwards of $150k. With Resort Cottage financing available, most customers can become an owner for as little as $20k down and around $300 in bi-weekly payments (on approved credit).

How do customers fund the purchase of a Resort Cottage?

Historically, most of our customers have used our funding package provided by Dealerplan.  This is a quick, easy process and doesn’t consume an existing line of credit. Dealerplan specialize in Resort Cottage financing and work with mainstream banks like RBC to provide an affordable and competitive finance package.  If our customers choose to purchase their Resort Cottage outright, that’s fine too.

What does a customer get for their money?

At Summerhill Resorts we feel that life can be difficult at times, so when it comes to buying a Resort Cottage, we like to make it easy. Your Resort Cottage is ‘turn-key’ ready.

You’ll find either two or three fully furnished bedrooms including mattresses, a fully fitted bathroom, kitchen including appliances and a dining area plus open plan living space with sofas. Our wonderful resort team takes care of delivery, installation, set-up, decking, rails and steps, leaving you to go buy your bedsheets, pots, pans and the other ‘fun’ cottage things!  

What are the typical annual costs involved?

Each of our seasonal owners pays an annual resort management fee, sometimes known as a ‘Site Fee.’ This covers access to the resort for the whole family, including amenities, activities and events. The annual fee varies depending on the chosen location on each resort. Annual site fees start from as little as $3500 plus HST on some of our resorts. In addition, like a regular cottage, a customer pays for propane and hydro. Supply of water and septic are usually taken care of by the resort at no additional cost although some exceptions apply.

Do You sell RVs and trailers?

At some of our resorts we offer a range of Destination RVs for sale as well as our Resort Cottages.  For a full breakdown of what type of accommodation is available at each resort, please refer to our ‘Resorts’ section.

Do your annual resort fees increase?

Although we endeavour to keep price increases to a minimum, like most things, annual fees do increase from time to time and this is largely as a consequence of increased costs in operating our resorts. Historically, increases have ranged from 3-5% per year.

I own a RV – Can I use this as a down payment?

Yes, more and more people are looking at Resort Cottage ownership as an alternative to owning a more traditional RV/trailer. We offer very competitive trade-in values against the purchase of a Resort Cottage, and our aim is to make the transition as easy as possible for our customers. We will require some information about your RV such as the age, make and model number. Please bring this information with you when you visit.

How long does the buying process take?

Once our customers have visited our resort to see if it’s where they’d like to spend their summer vacation time, they can choose one of our RVs or Resort Cottages. Next, they choose a location within the resort, then complete some simple paperwork and pay their down payment.  Usually within two weeks of down-payment they are sitting on their new deck, watching the world go by. Unlike a property transaction, buying a RV or Resort Cottage is super simple. No need for lawyers or agents.  As we mentioned above, we like to make things easy!

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